I Am Not A Plant

You're beating around the bush And talking to a tree I am neither a rose Nor a dandelion weed And I'm convinced that what you're seeing Isn't me

2:00 A.M.

I don't see a car as a toy or a tool; I see it as a weapon -- made with the intent to deceive and subsequently kill. I am suffocating in the sounds of those finding strength in their suffering. We are taught that it is not heroic to suffer -- it is heroic to …


I don’t appreciate it when you assess my level of stability by what I’m currently taking, because wellness is a process during which every aspect altered makes a difference. I don’t appreciate your backhanded compliments, indicating that you feel I’m more worthy as a person when I’m able to walk or when I don’t want …

It’s More

You inform me of the best-fitting diagnosis to describe my pain, as though I'm your picture and you've just placed me in the perfect frame. Why can't you see? It's so much more than just a name.‬  ‪You teach me how to cope, like I'm the post-it and you've just written the most inspiring quote. …


A simple desire Clinging to the mind. I want, I want, I want To run away... Into the city; Into the forest; Into the ocean, Vast and stark, Peaceful? Not me.

Day by Day

Day by day, noises fade To muffled sounds Too much to say Faces fall, unlike walls But like leaves Which, crumpled, sprawl Eyes demand reprimand Loathe the soul Of their own hands