A Barn-House Dance With Fear

I lock eyes with my first partner long before our first touch. A long line of faces along each opposing wall, staring into our newly found opposition -- we are all someone's fear. With confident approach, I toy with the idea of allowing this new concept to attain contact; circling slowly closer, until its eyes …


Deliberately, A Raisin

What would you say If you could hold a mountain Between your fingertips? A mountain So small It could feed a fish? A mountain that Could mimic — perfectly — the constant Noise in your head; That could tickle you like A lover, yet push Against the lies between your teeth With the bittersweet Vengeance …

If I Was A Sidewalk

I understand that stopping often hurts more than falling and maybe you would hate me for that, but if you found yourself unable to pick yourself up right away, I would stay and hold you until you were ready. My hugs may not be very warm or comforting, but I can assure you that they are secure.