Deliberately, A Raisin

What would you say If you could hold a mountain Between your fingertips? A mountain So small It could feed a fish? A mountain that Could mimic — perfectly — the constant Noise in your head; That could tickle you like A lover, yet push Against the lies between your teeth With the bittersweet Vengeance …



I want To replace my breakdowns With breakthroughs; Emotional moments Of much less frequency And much more decency. Moments which enable, in me, A much kinder sense of peace: A type of serenity Which provides a space for relaxation, Rather than a type of calm Forced on By frantic desperation Or chronic exhaustion. I want …

I Am Not A Plant

You're beating around the bush And talking to a tree I am neither a rose Nor a dandelion weed And I'm convinced that what you're seeing Isn't me

If I Was A Sidewalk

I understand that stopping often hurts more than falling and maybe you would hate me for that, but if you found yourself unable to pick yourself up right away, I would stay and hold you until you were ready. My hugs may not be very warm or comforting, but I can assure you that they are secure.


I don’t appreciate it when you assess my level of stability by what I’m currently taking, because wellness is a process during which every aspect altered makes a difference. I don’t appreciate your backhanded compliments, indicating that you feel I’m more worthy as a person when I’m able to walk or when I don’t want …

Depression Is

Depression is knowing you have to take out the garbage so your partner won't yell at you, so you walk it outside with bare feet, not caring how cold it is. Depression is knowing you have to walk the dogs because you are responsible for their wellbeing, and losing track of time mid-walk, causing you …

It’s More

You inform me of the best-fitting diagnosis to describe my pain, as though I'm your picture and you've just placed me in the perfect frame. Why can't you see? It's so much more than just a name.‬  ‪You teach me how to cope, like I'm the post-it and you've just written the most inspiring quote. …


A simple desire Clinging to the mind. I want, I want, I want To run away... Into the city; Into the forest; Into the ocean, Vast and stark, Peaceful? Not me.