Deliberately, A Raisin

What would you say If you could hold a mountain Between your fingertips? A mountain So small It could feed a fish? A mountain that Could mimic — perfectly — the constant Noise in your head; That could tickle you like A lover, yet push Against the lies between your teeth With the bittersweet Vengeance …



I want To replace my breakdowns With breakthroughs; Emotional moments Of much less frequency And much more decency. Moments which enable, in me, A much kinder sense of peace: A type of serenity Which provides a space for relaxation, Rather than a type of calm Forced on By frantic desperation Or chronic exhaustion. I want …


It's on these days that gravity feels as though it is deliberately trying to pull me down harder; when my hip-bones feel as though they are being crushed against the surface upon which they lie.