I just feel kind of ... Quiet now. It's not really a calmness, Nor a sense of being at ease. It's not like that. My brain just feels a bit quieter And it's really nice. I like when I get to be entirely alone. Everyone is asleep around me, In another room -- In another …


Grief For Younger Me’s

He calls out my Name From the other room And I assume Anger. Frantic --- tremble --- cold sweat, Teeth clenched, Gut wrenched, Immediately prepared for the anticipated blast of unexpected yet ultimately inevitable attack. I pull back. Remember, That's not my life anymore. My world spins a Moment more Before I take a deep …

Deliberately, A Raisin

What would you say If you could hold a mountain Between your fingertips? A mountain So small It could feed a fish? A mountain that Could mimic — perfectly — the constant Noise in your head; That could tickle you like A lover, yet push Against the lies between your teeth With the bittersweet Vengeance …


I want To replace my breakdowns With breakthroughs; Emotional moments Of much less frequency And much more decency. Moments which enable, in me, A much kinder sense of peace: A type of serenity Which provides a space for relaxation, Rather than a type of calm Forced on By frantic desperation Or chronic exhaustion. I want …


It's on these days that gravity feels as though it is deliberately trying to pull me down harder; when my hip-bones feel as though they are being crushed against the surface upon which they lie.

I Am Not A Plant

You're beating around the bush And talking to a tree I am neither a rose Nor a dandelion weed And I'm convinced that what you're seeing Isn't me

If I Was A Sidewalk

I understand that stopping often hurts more than falling and maybe you would hate me for that, but if you found yourself unable to pick yourself up right away, I would stay and hold you until you were ready. My hugs may not be very warm or comforting, but I can assure you that they are secure.


I don’t appreciate it when you assess my level of stability by what I’m currently taking, because wellness is a process during which every aspect altered makes a difference. I don’t appreciate your backhanded compliments, indicating that you feel I’m more worthy as a person when I’m able to walk or when I don’t want …