A Collection of Quotes

Weis and Hickman, p.297-8:

“Truth wasn’t something you went out and found. It was vast and deep and unending, and all you could hope to see was a very tiny part of it. And to see that part and to mistake it for the whole was to make of Truth a lie.”

Joey, someone I once knew:

“just the simple fact that you’re so clear minded and accepting of yourself shows how strong and brave you really are. you’ve obviously trudged through a lot of shit and you’re still here, you’re strong and i admire your genuine and intelligent frame of thought and mind. you’re so chill and strong yet we both know that – that is a hard thing to acknowledge”

Timber Hawkeye:

“Habitually contemplate whether your thoughts stem from love or from fear. If they originate in love, then follow them. But if they originate from a place of fear, then dig deep to find the root of that fear. Only then would you be able to finally let go so that fear no longer limits your possibilities.”

“It seems like sometimes we go beyond taking things personally and are noticeably deflated when unappreciated. In-fact, devastated, we wilt in sorrow and then attempt to guard ourselves by withholding, using all sorts of protections and defenses. We get hurt (even angry), if our boss fails to recognize an astonishing feat, If a lover pulls their hand away, or if one friend forgets our birthday. Can you imagine a flower copping an attitude for not being praised, or the moon dimming it’s glow because we’re too self-absorbed to notice it more often?”

Jack Kornfield:

“Forgiveness does not forget,
Nor does it condone the past.
Forgiveness sees wisely. It willingly acknowledges what is unjust, harmful, and wrong. It bravely recognizes the sufferings of the past, and understands the conditions that brought them about. There is a strength to forgiveness. When we forgive we can also say, “Never again will I allow these things to happen.” We may resolve to never permit such harm to come to ourselves or another.”

Alice Miller:

“The truth about our childhood is stored in our body, and although we can repress it, we can never alter it. Our intellect can be deceived, our feelings manipulated, our conceptions confused, and our body tricked with medication. But someday our body will present its bill, for it is as incorruptible as a child who, still whole in spirit, will accept no compromises or excuses, and it will not stop tormenting us until we stop evading the truth.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

“Never succumb to the temptation of becoming bitter. As you press for justice, be sure to move with dignity and discipline, using only the instruments of Love.”

Buddhist Monks:

“Grant that I might have enough suffering to awaken in me the deepest possible compassion and wisdom.”


“Praise and blame,
Gain and loss,
Pleasure and pain,
Fame and disrepute
Are the eight worldly winds.
They ceaselessly change.
As a mountain is
Unshaken by the wind,
So the heart of a wise person
Is unmoved
By all the changes on this earth.”

Dmitry Guller:

“Your recovery does not require their acceptance.”



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