I wantTo replace my breakdownsWith breakthroughs;Emotional momentsOf much less frequencyAnd much more decency.Moments which enable, in me,A much kinder sense of peace:A type of serenityWhich provides a space for relaxation,Rather than a type of calmForced onBy frantic desperationOr chronic exhaustion.I wantTo appreciate more secondsOf stark realizationThat I am alive,Without hating the actOf trying so hard …



It's on these days that gravity feels as though it is deliberately trying to pull me down harder; when my hip-bones feel as though they are being crushed against the surface upon which they lie.

I Am Not A Plant

You're beating around the bush And talking to a tree I am neither a rose Nor a dandelion weed And I'm convinced that what you're seeing Isn't me

If I Was A Sidewalk

I understand that stopping often hurts more than falling and maybe you would hate me for that, but if you found yourself unable to pick yourself up right away, I would stay and hold you until you were ready. My hugs may not be very warm or comforting, but I can assure you that they are secure.

2:00 A.M.

I don't see a car as a toy or a tool; I see it as a weapon -- made with the intent to deceive and subsequently kill. I am suffocating in the sounds of those finding strength in their suffering. We are taught that it is not heroic to suffer -- it is heroic to …


I don’t appreciate it when you assess my level of stability by what I’m currently taking, because wellness is a process during which every aspect altered makes a difference. I don’t appreciate your backhanded compliments, indicating that you feel I’m more worthy as a person when I’m able to walk or when I don’t want …

It’s More

You inform me of the best-fitting diagnosis to describe my pain, as though I'm your picture and you've just placed me in the perfect frame. Why can't you see? It's so much more than just a name.‬  ‪You teach me how to cope, like I'm the post-it and you've just written the most inspiring quote. …


A simple desire Clinging to the mind. I want, I want, I want To run away... Into the city; Into the forest; Into the ocean, Vast and stark, Peaceful? Not me.